The application of "wave" is the overseas version of papa, which want to highlight the ideal living status, i.e. lying on the beach comfortably to enjoy the waves stacked one after another. Wave is the wonderful view on sea, which can make people get rid of troubles and enjoy it like a dancer.

Water has been chosen as the quality of logo. Because water not only has the same sharpness as gold and jade, but also has indistinct tenderness as smoke, which is more close to the tender feelings of human.

The logo design is based on the distinction between graphic explanation of name and other applications, which is tend to those products created by user and focus on people’s living quality and spiritual pursuit. In fact, people can use such applications mainly focus on content sharing and social contact in their spare time, which is reflected as a relaxed and happy scene in the reality. Actually, wave always give us natural and cheerful feeling.

The crystal clear water drops and free font form make the whole logo become tender and enthusiastic. I hope it can attract people through its crystal and clear. What’s more, the color and form are declined to female users because they often play a dominant role in the social contact.

Designer need a quality, that is, persist on his own thinking to try different solutions and insist on treating and solving problems from different views, so that find out the special solutions and achieve the necessity of design. In order to pursuant others, it is necessary to prepare for dealing with more issues and have more reasons to explain the process and result of designing. Most of the designer often complaint they can not meet the taste of all users due to the limit of his own hobby, but it is necessary to try their best to make more people satisfied. There is an old saying in China: “It is difficult to cater to all the taste if the temperature is not enough, and it will be burnt if the temperature is too high.” So as same as design, you can make all right after continuous adjustment and compare.





Wave Overseas for Papa