Papa3.0 strengthened the weight of voice in application, which can increase the extra value for the most of your passive time. For instance, you can hear a program to improve your oral English when you are waiting for the flight, or you can choose talk show or crosstalk to relieve your bad mood when you are queuing up.

With off-line function, you can download some sections of longer content under wifi environment in advance and listen to them when you are free. Moreover, you can find the suitable content through classification and album, organize and collect your own album, and you can share it to your friends.

Regarding the change of product, traditional bottom navigation structure design was utilized. Such kind of risk will destroy users’ existing habits. What’s more, Papa belongs to app, in which social is important as same as content. It is difficult to meet the multi-dimensional requirement of users to sort the content only by bottom navigation due to complicated dimension of content.

In this case, function of three dimensions (such as, social, content and publish) will be forced to be presented in the bottom navigation, which will not only affect the expansion, but also can reduce the experience obviously.

From the aspect of interaction, the bottom navigation structure design of iOS7 is based on different dimension presentation of these navigations on the attribute of same product, users can switch easily according to their own requirement without interruption, but the publish button in the middle will often increase the rate of interrupting switch by click carelessly. Therefore, I have tried to redesign the product structure and increase more filter content dimensions on the top left of navigation column, moreover, the pop-up layer design increased the expandability of dimension, but the interaction of main body is the same as before. Current playing status is arranged at the right in order to meet the content searching and switching requirement of audio users.

The version change of iOS7 has largely decided the experience of product. Simple, clear and efficient is based on high refining.

Simple not only means simple deletion, but also means the establishment of efficient, correct and regular system and method. The change of whole interface as per iOS7 and a coherent and uniform new structure will run through the whole system.

Considering the expandability and the image which can decide other elements, the establishment of system should implement on each detail, such as, scale of rasterization, the font size, kerning, line spacing, font style, rasterization standard of each different hierarchy element when they are contact with each other, status change of icon, rules of click feedback, which are aim to achieve harmony between separate element through each standard system environment.

The entire iOS7 design is aim to hide the designs in the interface orderly, so that the presentation of content can be maximized. Please see the detailed characteristics as following. Utilize the whole screen and background to transform the overall subject information atmosphere, such as, weather design. Review the location of quasi-physical and realistic design again. Actually, the design only plays a supporting role in the content. The semi-transparent design is an implication of the content behind.

A lot of negative space is used, which made the important content and function become more obvious and can be understood by users easily. Moreover, negative space can pass on peace and quiet, so that the application program becomes more dedicated and efficient.

Artful color make UI became much compact, in that case, different application visual system can be distinguished through color.Utilization of systematic font improved the readability, which can adjust the spacing of fonts, lines and rows.Borderless button is used.

Help users to comprehend the current application status and product logic by utilized the planning and designing of hierarchy relationship. Metaphorize the context and hierarchy relationship of product hierarchy design through cartoons, in order to help users to understand the current hierarchy and the route to go back (Interaction of calendar).






iOS7 的版本更迭 设计在很大程度上决定了产品的体验。简洁,清晰,高效建立在高度提炼的基础之上。简捷不只是简单的删减,而是建立高效准确并有秩序的系统和方法。整体界面的改版遵循iOS7并采用了连贯统一的全新架构,将贯穿于整个系统。


整个iOS7设计的目的是把界面的设计有序的隐藏,来使得内容展现的最大化。利用整个屏幕。利用背景来传达整个主体信息氛围,比如天气的设计。重审视对拟物,拟真化设计的定位。设计在内容之中起到的是辅助作用。半透明设计暗示背后的内容。使用大量的负空间。负空间使重要的内容和功能更加明显和容易理解。负空间也可以传授一种安宁和 平静,它能使一个应用程序看起来更专注和高效。巧妙的颜色可以使得UI变得更加简洁。用颜色来区分不同的应用视觉系统。


PAPA3.0 · Designing for iOS 7