Regarding the product level of this application, it is a bet demand caused by prompt event. The core points of the product are its promptness, entertainment and functionality.

How to reflect these three attributes in the same product? Our logical thinking order is as follows. What is the process users bet in real life?  What is the content of the bet? How to bet? How to reflect the consequence of the bet?  All of these are core problems to be solved by the whole product and interaction. Its behavioral process is seeing, acting, and seeing again.

The first process should focus on rational interface orientation so that the user will clearly find the session he is interested in. It arranges the sequence of the bet at each session by taking time as hidden line and distinguishes the game at key secession via uniform and obvious style.  Moreover, it selects and positions the list more accurately by providing users with the ball team they are interested in.

The second process focuses on the simplicity of interaction so that the user costs the least and makes the fewest mistakes in the process of betting.

It uses the combination of using bet bottom and inlaying betting information, namely, one quadrate plus one round in form and one over plus one under at level.

The distinctive highlighting saturation in style enables the user to clearly see the click entrance of betting interaction without mingling with betting information. There are two modes in the process of betting interaction, namely, guessing the winner and guessing the score. A pop-up layer will converse the scene more naturally. Two interactive actions such as team selection and betting are integrated. When the user directly drags the selected ball game to determine the amount of money, he has chosen the ball team he wants to support.  As for the feedback of the user’s successful bet, it will also be reflected in details. For example, if the user succeeds in betting, the latest bettor’s portrait will appear at the first position and the sum below the ball team will increase along with the animation effect. When the user finishes betting, the betting bottom will turn into red or blue – the supporting party’s color.  In this way, it will be easy to distinguish the state of betting from completion. If the user chooses tie, it will be naturally purple – the mixture of red and blue.

By displaying the number of bettors and the sum of money, it reduces the users’ scruples while betting and lowers the technical barrier of ball game betting.

The third process is the part of entertainment and achievement sense. A rational problem to be solved in this part is to manage and check one’s history of bet. We place the users’ history of bet on another page in parallel with the homepage. This page displays all users’ history of bet and their overall profit as well as ranking system. In this way, the product has a clear structure, the user’s session in the pool and his account.

Emotional expression after winning the bet is the second important step.  When the user gains profit from the bet, he should be provided with a very exciting and warm congratulation scene. So we design the ball team as corresponding expression. Comparing success or failure to be changes in the weather will make the outcome more natural and amiable.

For example, if the user wins a game, the gold coin he gains will shine brightly like the sun, but if he loses a game, it will drizzle to euphemistically express regret.

In the process of betting, the product is added with more vivid elements and ideas so as to attract people more strongly. For example, there are two parts of supporters – red and blue below each game, who can debate on the game in the discussion zone on the end page of specific game, so that both sides will see the constantly changing sum of bet amounts.

Bet is a probability event. The success or failure mentioned above is faintly related to the weather, so we choose an array of stars in the universe as the background, which will not only bring a sense of mystery but also highlight the principal part. The selected dark purple is exactly the mixture of rivaling red and blue. The core of icon design should highlight effectiveness and antagonism. Thus, the application of red and blue in visual sense exactly accords with the antagonism on the interface. The finalized lightning, showing the uncertainty related to natural weather, is featured by excitement, vitality and effectiveness.









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