The core concept of this product is to reduce the risk of stock investment by following the behavior of professional stock personnel. The behavior of user can be divided into two modes, such as, simulation and reality.

First, users can conduct stock trading on the platform according to their individual judgment and the trading hours and rules are as same as Stock Exchange.Second, users can follow the excellent trader on this platform but the decision of such trading behavior belongs to those who being followed. Users can choose the best follower based on their trading performance, style, risk level and trading frequency and pay them relative fees after get a profit.

Users can see their trading details and performance at any time once chosen the object and they can optimize and adjust the fees for following up the trading at the same time.

The mode of such product is aim to achieve a win-win situation, users who are good at story operation can get the commission through operation. Others who have enough money but don't know stock can enter into the investment simply by the method of follow-up and understand the change of stock with low risk.

Other modules of the product is to serve for users systematically, for instance, dynamic presentation of Tape, news, users' discussion.

The designing concept should focus on two keywords, such as, follow and stock trading. The designing concept of Logo is double line capital G, which consists of one thick line and one thin line and represent that expert make a step (thick) and the follower make a step (thin) as well. Gold stands for this product is related to financial market directly, while red and green means the attribute of up and down, moreover, the saturation and brightness of such color is very higher in fact.Therefore, the brightness of interface and brand color should be with medium or lower level and it should be stable enough, so the contradiction with color of interaction, rise and down status can be avoided, and gold solve this problem appropriately. What's more, the interface looks much more rigorous and compact after matched with metal gray.

Users' trust is the key for any transaction type of IT product except timely feedback of interaction and reality of data. While the establishment of the sense of trust and authority come from visual and users' direct feeling, just like workers in Stock Exchange wear blazer and tie can often give people a sense of professional, rigorous and standard.

Highly unified visual identity system is required in the aspect of overall visual framework planning. Such system should have strong expansibility and be closely relative with brand, sedate, skilled without excessive decorations. Users should be enabled to understand their current task and clearly know the following route and process.

Timely category information should be emphasized on the terms of interaction in order to reduce the time of trading process even it presents the capital status of user, because users may annoying during the usage of this product. In order to reduce the operating cost of follower, the allocation of capital and understanding of market should be more emphasized.

Visual design is a process of integrated planning and each detail is an efficient explanation of core concept. The sense of security can be brought to users through reasonable and rigorous visual structure consequently.




产品的其他模块是为了更加系统的服务用户的交易行为而存在的,比如有大盘的动态展示,新闻咨询,用户的讨论。 在设计上概念要强调跟随,证券交易这两个关键词。Logo的设计理念是双线大写的G,双线是一粗一细的,它所表达的概念是专家走一步(粗线),跟随着走一步(细线)。金色的选择直观的代表了这是金融相关的市场的产品。





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