Graduation design - Information architecture & User interfaceThis is my graduation design in 2010, which has won the second prize. It is also the starting point for me to contact with Internet, and a dream come out consequently, which is aim to change the current status of internet industry by the real designing philosophy, brand concept and experience I have learned.

I have keen to browse designing information from foreign websites all the time before pay attention to website design. Actually, the whole page of foreign website always gives us a fresh feeling, moreover, the information arranged orderly and regions divided obviously, so that I can find my content after a glance. I will never get lost by any other colors, designing forms or layout when I click into the subpages. All the information I needed will show to my eyes as what I expected. What’s important, there is some unexpected related information share to me. The entire site gives me an expression that the website has abundant content and hierarchical information but we will not loss the way and can find the information there easily.

Conversely, Chinese website often gives us another kind of feeling. When you click into a big size website, defense words and glittering advertising pictures will come into your eyes in the first time, you have to squint and try best to find the regional division. Sometimes you may feel completely overwhelmed when an advertising page was entered into suddenly. In that case, you have to try to visit those websites, and often get lost when click into the content page, because there is no visual memory clues aside. Finally, only little information can be accumulated by spending so much time.

The reason is, several kinds of problems have not been solved indeed in designing, such as, lacking of an overall visual system and style positioning, confuse classification of page information, unreasonable distribution of content and function hierarchical, which lead to a huge information carrying pressure to single page and all information with different hierarchical gathered together and interrupt each other. Moreover, pictures are set individually without considering overall visual guide, all the accesses are designed without taking account of users’ expectation, and unexpected links occur frequently.

How to resolve the above problems? I have tried to optimize the basic product information structure and solve the hierarchical issues through visual design.

First, achieve a reasonable distribution and hierarchical arrangement of all the content in website according to proper information structuring process and establish a clear and effective information hierarchical in order to provide convenient channels for user to find their information, moreover, visual designer can solve the problems through designing and develop the entire interface design which is accordance with information structure. Second, highlight uniqueness and functionality, which can help visitors to finish their query conveniently.

In additional, arrange information hierarchical structure and clear the relationship between functional and content areas. Then put forward problems of information structure and visual design which existed in single page and the whole structure of website and solve them through the knowledge I have learned.

Finally, I chose Taobao for this experimental trial, because it is a big website that collected variety of functions of C2C electronic business, news, information and social interaction, which including many products in different areas and different functional hierarchical. Then I have conduct an actual operation test for each hierarchical, analyze the stereo hierarchical structure, content and functional area distribution, user experience design, visual design and user’s predictability test, find out problems and solve them accordingly.

This subject reposition and design the establishment and optimizing model of the whole large size internet. With a more scientific approach of processing information, information from this kind of website designed under such mechanism can serve users from stereo to plane, and users can not only find their necessary information easily and conveniently, but also can find some valuable information unexpectedly. What’s more, each website will has its own style and service characteristics, although it has not been recognized in China but has an important significance for the future development of website.