This is a tourism product with innovative concept, which serves for freedom backpack travelers. With the development of society, several days traveling with the tourism company can not make the people satisfied any more, freedom and personal requirements are expected to meet in the travel. Actually, traveling experience can be improved after many research works, so the software which can arrange the route is necessary. What’s more, some other simple schedules can be met except pure travel, for instance, how to plan activities after working when go out for a business trip, to experience some local characteristics, to go to see a good friend after a long separation, or just go to buy some gifts for families. All these plans should be arranged by a tool combined with time and geographical location.

From the view of a traveler, this software can analyze the problem they are most afraid of, such as, how to arrive the traveling area in a strange place? Are there any valuable places near the scenic spot? Where can we experience the characteristics? Is the accommodation being solved?

All these kind of things need to be scheduled in advance if without a tourism company.

Therefore, travel is just like to accomplish some tasks in a strange place, and it is necessary to plan what you should do in the right time and place. As long as these things have been scheduled well in advance, the problems in travel may be reduced and thus can improve the experience of tourism. This product can help you to make full preparations before start, and several alternative schemes will be occurred at the same time, which can greatly increase the private and individual demands for your travel even get rid of the illiberal tourism company. For example, if the common hobby of some travelers is art, so they can add a plan to go to art museum or art institute.

I have tried to use skeuomorphism design in the early stage, such as, real map, travel bag with travel arrangements. The cozy wood texture can give people a feeling close to tourism, but some problems are still existed in fact.

The flattening design focuses on users’ interaction and the fluency of users’ utilization, while the color with high contrast is aim to show the status of current objective. The pattern of design and the position of button achieve a reducing and enlarging relationship visually. Timely change function is paid attention to in the aspect of interaction, which supplies options for nearby attractions and functions.

The overall brand design is emphasized on graphic style, and the manifestation in realistic way will increase preciseness on the premise of happiness. The logo is a position indicator made by lollypop, which means each travel point is full with sweetness and happiness. Design need back to essence, while nature is the key point. The best design which can meet the needs of function is simple and pure. Moreover, the utilization of color need solve the problem, not only to fit the white space.




设计开始阶段尝试使用拟物化设计,真实的地图,装着形成的旅行包。温馨的木纹,这样更加接近旅行的感受。但在实现上还存在着一些问题。 扁平化的设计注重用户的交互和使用的流畅性。设计的颜色是有高对比显示出当前对象的状态。 设计的形式和按钮的位置在视觉上做到缩小和放大的关系。交互上注重及时性更改功能,提供了附近景点和功能的推荐选择。整个品牌的设计是偏重于平面风格,写实的表现方式会让旅行在快乐的前提下多一份严谨。logo的设计是一个棒棒糖做的位置指针,他的寓意是让每一个经过计划的行程点都充满甜美。设计还是要还原于本质,自然是最关键的一点,更好的满足功能的设计是简洁的,是纯粹的。每一个色彩的运用都是需要解决问题。而不是为了填补白色的空间。


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