With the rapid development of global information, all the information will enter into people’s life by fast and interesting new themes which are easy to be understood. In fact, graphic design of information is often not emphasized by people in China. However, I think it will become the mainstream to convey the information before long.

As a proposal process of designer, it is necessary to clarify the problems existed in the original environmental report at first. By utilization of the strip and pie elements of original report, the method I use is to show the old graphs just like bacteria, which are too difficult to close and read by people, and thus indicates that this kind of information expression will be eliminated by the development of era.

These are the final four graphs, all the content and data in the book have been fully graphical, in order to illustrate the whole environmental issues from the four aspects, such as, acoustic environment, air quality, groundwater and surface water. Information become easy to understand after combined with graphs. a, which highlight the key information. In general, all the graphs are combined with basic circle and point, line and plane.

Actually, the graphs contain popular content as well as professional content, so that people can comprehend information from macro and micro degree respectively. The part marked with deep color is to indicate the serious degree of pollution in Jinan City.

The greatest challenge of design is whether the graphical information can be clear enough for user. These five icons should contain micro and macro information record, micro record refer to comparison of various special data while the macro aspect means some simple environmental pollution indexes. All the data come from data report of Jinan, and some of the words are shown by graphs.

The largest use of information graph is to compare and show the data with different dimensionality in one graph. In this case, we can not only observe the potentional relationship between them, but also can clearly find the influence on environment from different industries through the size and area of circle.

The light gray grounding color can improve the comfortable sensation for reading. While those color lumps with high purity can strengthen the focus of dat

“面对当前全球信息化的迅速发展,所有信息将以快捷、易懂、趣味的新主题进入人们的生活。信息图形设计在中国一直不被人们重视。 不过我相信在不远的将来会成为信息传达的主流。


这四张是最终做成的信息图表, 把书中的内容和数据完全图形化,分别从声环境、空气环境、地下水、地表水四个方面来说明整体的环境问题,图形的结合使得信息变得通俗易懂。图表中即有面向大众化的也有面向专业人士的内容可以分别从宏观和微观的角度来了解信息内容,用深色的底子也为了表现出济南市污染的严重程度。




JiNan Environment Report