The individual is same important as platform. Platform emphasizes on senior content of community, while individual is a concept focus on tool, which is mainly used to remind to participate in activities. Frontage and reverse side are designed for interaction, the contents in frontage are place, session, competition, reservation, looking for people, join in the team and other necessary conditions for the competition, while the opposite side is the record and reminding for competition and relative activity.

For me, I can find the players with same level as me and look for the basketball game that is ready or being carried out and join them. Besides, I can take part in many basketball clubs with different characteristics and compete with other teams. For the team, it is also very easy to find the appropriate members and matches, then the team members can communicate with each other about the competition or invite individual player to back up if necessary.

The aggregated page is converged with accesses of each module, and then the relationship between several modules can be seen by users. Coordination between important modules (such as competition, player and place) forms into a closed loop on users' behavior.

The color relation of basketball itself has been utilized. The quasiphysical design is mainly used in the range of the level of team members. Honor system is an effective motivation for the using frequency of users. Background image is the optical center of the whole application, which is aim to create the relative atmosphere and make each page become simple and direct for directional identification. On the other hand, background image has high expansibility for reflecting the individual temperament of players and teams.

Design is to think over each common detail by a customized attitude, so that enable to develop special art aesthetics and brand identification for product. A good design must be innovative, practical, artistic, intelligible, honest, careful, environmental and simple.




Bunion Customer Point Design