This is an application about the redesigning of the primary photo album. Its purpose is to  discover any possible problem existed in the primary photo album and try to solve them in the new application.

The primary photo album takes neither definite time stream nor changeable ordering rule. Therefore, various kinds of photos are mixed up together, making it difficult to find certain photo/photos. Besides, without privacy-protection design, private photos are easy to be exposed while people are browsing the album. It is also very difficult to switch between the primary photo album application and camera application, which has a deep causal relationship with the primary photo album application.

Because of the imperfections of the primary photo album, the sorting work of its photos may only be finished by selecting more than one photos and then putting them into the album. Selected photos can not be removed from the photo album base. Moreover, many detailed and complicated processes are needed when generating new photos or adding omissive photos into specific albums.

The structure of the photo album is adjusted in the redesign work by separating the control area and the display area. The control area in the lower part is a slideable switch area for functional blocks. The above display area displays relevant content. The functions are composed of three part, namely, photo stream, photo album and camera.

In the edition of the album, relations between the album and photos are intuitive during the process of integrating the photo stream with the album into a same interface. The creation work of an album can be finished by simple slide-and-drag operations.

Photos accepted by the album will not be displayed in the photo stream. And any album may be encrypted when needed.

This design adopts stimulation technology to restore real-world scenes. Albums with sorted photos are stacked up on a “woody table-top”. This will not only make photos better displayed, but also make albums better identified, which is in sharp contrast to the situation for real albums.

The logo for the application adopts the English word “Memory”, which means recall or recollect.  But I creatively made the word into “ME mory” with two separated parts, to give a meaning of “my memory, my album”. As images are a main media for people to record their past memories, the implication of “my memory” feels very amicable and vivid.






标志的设计是Memory这个单词,中文意思是记忆,回忆的概念,把他分开来写是ME mory表示我的记忆我的相册。图像是人们记录回忆最主要的媒体,我的记忆更加亲切的表达出了这样的含义。

ME Mory Photoalbum App