Explore the new design of video aggregation platform. According to the observation of our detailed data, it is found that, the content flow of video aggregator applications consumed by users in the practical situation is not consistent with what we expect.

There are two misunderstandings here. First, our expectation is that, the more things the users watch in the screen, the greater the probability of clicking will be. Therefore, try to put content in a page as much as possible to help users choose freely. Second, try to subdivide each different module and comprehensively recommend the hot content of each classification to users, so that they can browse their interesting modules.

It seems that these two strategies cover the need of each user by some time, but, it neglects an important thing that, how strong is the user's ability to bear information and view efficiency? Video application is a kind of entertainment application of content consumption, users want to immediately find the content they are interesting, so their tolerance must be very low, because they will not concentrate on seeking for their own content from the massive information flow in a state of leisure.

If the page is designed too complex, such tolerance of user will be quickly consumed. As a result, they will not continue to browse, so the practical data of browsing number on the third screen fall under 10%, in that case, all the recommendation works in the later become useless.

How to deal with this problem? The core requirement is to keep users’ tolerance steadily. When users calm down, concentrate on the content and choose one or two items to watch, then you will be succeeded in retaining them and obtaining the opportunity to display the following recommendations.

Previous scheme is designed with several sophisticated modules to distract users’ attention, while the new scheme is changed into repeated module with single form, which can centralize the attention of users.

In previous, several kinds of hot content were recommended to users in same hierarchy, while in the new scheme, the content is recommended to users in single hierarchy. When users slide and brose the content, they just need to choose whether watch or not, and it is unnecessary to look for it.

In this case, users will feel comfortable. With clicking by users, the system can recommend some hot topics to users by means of algorithm establishment. Users will have the willing to continue to explore and spend his time after finding and consuming the content, then the dream will come true.

How to deal with the concept of this product:Visualized title design. Through the identification of direction and position by “identification system” in the street, airport, parking lot and other places, we hope users can get clear guidance like physical world when using the application. Thus, the title shall be big and clear as much as possible to facilitate users to understand the content.

Card design with single form is made for UI interface, the element does not compete with content. Single card form can attract users’ attention to the content and help them browse quickly. The content is separate from functional area, and almost all of the domestic applications are interspersed with functional design entrances, increasing the burden on the content of the user's reading.

However, the integral function entrance and content distinction is very obvious in iOS system. First, the functional position is basically fixed on the top and bottom, then, uniform color with high saturability and restrained UI form are used to distinct the interaction and content area.

The recommendation word search is changed into global representation. In this edition, the dull hot word on the bottom of search interface in previous has been changed to something happened in any corner of the world. Just a short stay, users can not only see the corresponding video of different hot word popped out from the world map, but also watch more videos through amplification. In this way, the content recommendation becomes a seeking and exploring behavior.

In terms of visual design, there is no detailed color selected as the dominant hue of application. Considering the video is colorful, rainbow is chosen as the color matching for whole application. For instance, mask layer, broadcast progress bar, background of top navigation and rating. For important elements, single black and gray are utilized for functional operation and entrance, which can be distinct from the colorful content.









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