Image design of the mascot of You QU web.

Mascot can not only give an expression in people’s heart naturally, but also can give a visible effect and supply a smooth solution for market activities and its promotion. For instance, “Twitter”, the image of that bird is accordance with the interactive concept of the whole website. Meanwhile, twitter also means bird’s chirping. The harmonious sky blue of the entire website give us a feeling of free speech, moreover, different size of icons are supplied for the image promotion, this little bird is recognized by users consequently.

Let’s express it by several words, such as, outer planets, milky, liquid, easygoing and happy. Connect some part of visual information of the website through image.In fact, the role division of image is fabricated as per staffs in each department of the operational website, so the relative image will come out for each kind of job on the website, such as, update of content, repair of bug, feedbacks from user, activity holding, surrounding dynamics, download of expression and so on,

which can change the user to be a partner of the website from a simple passive recipients of content.All these plans are made for personal homepage, but are shelved due to the economical reasons of company.

The texture of image can influence the expression of the visual system of website, and the whole website give people a soft and comfortable feeling without strong sense of texture and light. Although the overall image is not innovative enough, some part of design is really affected by concept. As the entire community advocates freedom, innovation and seeking knowledge, I don’t want to destroy individual entertainment method on line because of something with strong texture and individuality. Therefore, there will be no groomed content, but just suitable things, because I don’t want to interrupt user by visual element. Generally speaking, a good design should leave some exploring spaces for user, so I have tried best not to add too much product instruction near the function key, so that they can be shown to the front of users in a simple and comfortable way.

Image expression design can be divided into two parts. First, it is basic expression design, such as, joy, anger, sorrow and happiness, which required the relative image to show the feeling that users need to express. Second, it is some individual expression, which can show something that can not be reflected by the current expression through some humorous stories. As the main tone of the whole expression, humor is different from the universal style (such as, embarrassing, inexpensive and heavy taste) of all the current expressions. Such kind of civilized humorous manner just like a micro movie, which can be satisfied if the user continue to see it and smile after that. The reason for share is just new idea and funny things, not impact or strange.

Actually, I have talked about many details previously. You can take him as small stories in order to introduce the character of somebody, and let you better known his detailed location, personality, hobby and imagination or suggestion of his future development.

The concept of a product equals to the character, belief and culture of somebody, it is impossible to let everybody like him, but it can make everyone recognize and remember him.

Comparing with RGB, the positioning of color is much more clear and easy to be understood in the aspect of visual. Although the overall control of color by RGB makes people difficult to detail the influence of color, HSL can image the variation of color through the change of each value, for instance, if the color is too dark, we can increase the value of L to make the color brighter. If the color is gray, we can adjust the saturability by S.







Mascot Design