Mi TV, with an annual sales of more than one million sets, has upgraded for a big version 2.0 one year ago. This is why I have joined MI. This revision involves the product change on three directions, i.e. information structure, interaction method and visual brand positioning. In fact, there was a content display bottleneck in 1.0 product, which cannot adapt to intelligent development in future.

Special brand design can be expressed by “Ambilight”. On the top right corner, a light band is designed based on aurora effect, which can not only make the overall picture more textured, but also make the dark background become breathable and flexible. When it is slowly fluctuated, the space advantage of large screen will be highlighted. At the same time, the fluctuation attribution was used to literal title as well. All these designs are made to better reflect the characteristic of entertainment media product.



Ambilight · MITV2.0 Redesign

To determine the interaction process is a more clear understanding of future product development.

In initial stage, analysis on competing products in the whole TV market should be made by focusing on its information structure and interaction, and the general conclusion can be basically concluded through a two dimensional quadrant. Display method of content is shown on the left of x-axis in the quadrant, which is in favor of artificial editor. Moreover, algorithm is recommended on the right end according to the operation habit of users, which is much more intelligent and personalized.

While y-axis shows the module attribute issues in the page. The upper part focuses on detailed film, television and content, while the lower part emphasizes on the entrance of category and application. Therefore, to find the right position from this quadrant by combining with future development of company is the foundation to determine the overall interaction model.


The approval of main business characteristics, advantages and future development of company by analysis will directly affect the interaction design scheme. For instance, as a comprehensive company, Apple Inc. has important layout in the platform and content, so the home page is nearly divided into two parts equally, the upper part is content while the lower part is app store platform. They hope more applications can be used by users on TV. Google is a technical company, and the content on its website is mainly recommended to users by capture and algorithm, so there is no clear classification on the content, which is displayed through personalized recommendation and search.

At the same time, they pay more attention to develop application platform. In fact, domestic companies focus on content, 80% of content was edited, so the display of content is prominent in interaction. Users’ consumption of content brings profit to the company, but the application development of platform is not very mature. In this case, the interaction is naturally established on the basis of title and information.

The quantity of entrance and content displayed in home page can be qualified through analysis and comparison of interaction structure in home page, in order to show more information. A senior interaction model can help user to learn and improve the efficiency to acquire information with its simple operation and plain structure.

For example, the navigation in home page of Apple Inc. is able to switch the corresponding content, which is also the entrance to enter into such category. Metaphor of such entrance is established on application on the bottom with same visual form. Users can not only check new content rapidly, but also click and enter into a detailed category to find more content.



Review and discuss the interaction scheme from interaction method, efficiency and difficulty will help you to rationally find the proper scheme for product from comparison process.

Different from the business development of Apple TV, MITV2.0 interaction pays more attention to the consumption of content, so the interaction method of film and television content recommendation in the home page was changed to upper navigation, which can check unlimited content through up and down key similar to the structure of web page.



Latterly, some users reflected that it was very tired to browse content with same format, so we designed the PatchWall, which spliced the first row at random by taking two posters and two rows as basic unit. In that case, different format is existed every two columns, which not only resolve the problem of repeated format, but also help to recommend important films and televisions. Furthermore, different type of content such as television, film, game, application and theme are distinguished by dimensional scale.

Television is operated by remote control, but the efficiency is very different because of variable interaction. For example, the television efficiency of Apple is higher than others, and the row of icons under the first row of recommended content in the first screen is not only the entrance, but navigation. The type of recommended content and latest content can be controlled by switching, and the corresponding module classification can be entered by directly clicking. For another example, Apple, Amazon and Google put modules with same attribution in a horizontal area, but the domestic factories always mix them together, because it may occur a lot of learning cost during usage.

Television user behavior can be divided into three parts: First, relaxed and casual browse without intentionality; Second, search single product with high intentionality; Third, find the content they are interested in according to classification. Thus, a comprehensive solution should be planned based on overall information structure design to satisfy these requirements and scenes.

For the first type, the latest and hottest content can be rapidly checked by single waterfall browsing method, the waterfall flow is generally 20 screens, which can detect the content you are interest in through different latitude.

While for users who have clear content to be found, voice search can help to finish such operation with lower cost. At the same time, it is possible to communicate with machine by stimulating the communication forms of human.

The last one is to integrate and classify the content according to the content type module in home page and theme of single screen, so users can customize the content displayed in waterfall. Moreover, content that users are interested in can be intelligently recommended after long-term recording and clicking by learning users. In the later period, different type of content can be recommended according to voice recognition. After all, television is an electronic apparatus for group consumption, it is likely that each

family member has different requirement to the content of television.

Television is operated by cross sequential focusing cursor, and the interactive area should be parallel and vertical. Metaphor for content in second screen must be made in the first screen, in order to avoid the risk for user not to find the content without up and down key. What’s more, the uniform format of button or entrance on visual design is able to teach users to find clickable entrance for a long time.

Because it is very expensive to search by keyboard on television, there is a great significance to search by voice. Thus, voice part should be made to understand the semantics and context of words said by users at ordinary times, distinguish the information to be searched, and then represent it to users via search. For example, switch to kids mode after identifying the voice of kid and shield some violent and pornographic content for him.

Intelligent family design is conveniently to interact with other products by using television as the screen, so as to meet the current status of running product that users are checking. Screen is very likely to be an important media for human to get information and take action in future. As the biggest screen, television is necessary to represent intelligent hardware information to people.