Store for global independent product designing studio.“JJ Global purchase” is a platform to purchase competitive products, all stores there sell products come from companies and studios all over the world that dominated by design and creativity. Each commodity has independent design copyright, and most of commodities have property of limited edition.

There are two purchasing dimensions, i.e. classification and independent studio. The peculiarity of second dimension plays an important role in this application, and each commodity has a whole story from the beginning to completion of design. Moreover, the history of establishing the studio and generation of style are also clearly described. The difference from common E-business is that, most consumption here are independent designing concept and culture.

The core objective of thinking about the whole style of design is to show most innovative stores in the world, so the designing style of this application shall keep away from independency, which can play the role of container on another level. Therefore, I pull it out from the perspective of earth, but just stand at a higher position to overlook the full view of earth. In this way, the collocation of color is generated naturally, which is the color of earth, blue and green. The blue sea and green land represent the color of earth, which express the characteristic of global purchase as well.

The blue and green gradient mask layer, double buttons on page, prompt pattern in blue and green and other elements reflect the characteristics of a brand in this app in all aspects. Both layout and icon are consisted of single line with different thickness. “Restraint” is the start of whole design, every page highlight the independent aesthetics of each commodity by the combination of maximum space and layout, so users can appreciate and understand each commodity from an perspective of exploration.





JJ Gloable App Design