Logo Design Project Collection was founded in 2010 and mainly specialized in designing product as well as logo related to internet and may extent to brand, presentation, space and other scope of design. Our studio advocates three design concepts as following:Concept is the soul of design, which gives inevitability to design. Try best to make a simple design.Care about every detail.

The logo is constituted by three parts, such as, display shell, flame and the final discharging fireworks, just like to describe a process of innovation.

Display shell represents different creativity and design concept, just like the colorful display shell, each project has its own individuality and characteristic, we will create the special display shell for each customer. Flame refers to our enthusiasm of innovation,breakthrough, communication and service. We’d like to light the creativity by fire-like enthusiasm, so that each project can discharge its own firework to celebrate its own festival

本工作室成立于2010年,工作室主要业务方向在互联网相关产品和标志的设计,将来会扩展到品牌,展示,空间等设计范畴。工作室崇尚的设计理念有三个:a. 概念是设计的灵魂,他给与设计必然性 b.让设计尽可能简约 c.考究每个细节。

36 kr is the leading service provider of internet start-ups in China, and I have designed logo for them in the very beginning of start-up. 36 krypton refers to the 36th element of Periodic Table of Elements, which also means the planet of superman. Such kind of design concept has simply grasped the root form, i.e. the left up and right down layout structure of Periodic Table of Elements. The modern body style is decided to be used for font after the investigation and research of Facebook, Twitter, TechCrunch and other large internet products. Actually, modern body font can reflect the rigorous, creative and simple design concept as it is directly formed by basic graphs (cycle and rectangular).

36氪是中国领先的互联网创业公司服务提供商。创业初期的时候我为他们做了logo。36氪的含义是提取了元素周期表当中的第36位元素作为公司的名字。同时也是超人的星球。设计理念简单直接的抓住了最根源的形态,元素周期表的左上右下的版式结构,字形的选择 当时对Facebook,Twitter,TechCrunch等大型的互联网产品调研之后决定采取现代体的风格。根据现代字体的特点,简单直接利用基础的图形(圆和方)结合而成,体现了严谨,创新,简洁的设计理念。

Papa is a social application of voice and picture that developed by Xv Chaojun in the period of start-up. This logo utilized the most direct expressional way, which was consist of cycle and rectangular with different models after the combination of minimalism and modernism at the same time. Changes in later period were made because the product was mainly focus on the function of listening, a small rotation in three-dimensional space was made simply based on the original logo, and the form was changed from plane letter combination to a pair of headset, which not only clearly indicated the importance of listening, but also remained the previous brand image at a maximum degree.


CM fitness is a new online and offline community fitness platform, which supplies Yoga, dance and equipment fitness causes and places for staffs who work in the surrounding apartments. Generally, it has natural advantage from the name, because CM is an agreeable unit of length, and the symbol enables to clearly deliver the detailed significance of logo. From the perspective of design concept, C represents the slenderness and curves of female, while M indicates the toughness and steady sense of male.


Quantum foam is the first coffee brand in internet, which specialized in making coffee by online and offline distribution. The name itself is a physic term, and its existence derives a concept that the universe is smooth. The science and technology feeling brought by foam and quantum in coffee attracted such internet team. The overall concept is innovative with strong scientific and technological sense, which should be distinctive with traditional coffee shop as it can give people a future scientific feeling.

The first design is final version, and the whole shape is letter Q, which can be also regarded as the top view of a coffee cup. The dot design at the lower right corner highlights the physical form of quantum foam.
Such scheme can be regarded as a micro quantum as well as macro planet, which highlights the direct feeling of universe, science and technology.This kind of design is started from the instability of quantum itself and set up a mysterious quantum form in rhyme.The overall form is made by learning black hole design of interstellar, because the quantum foam itself certificated the possibility of black hole, and the logo can give people a scientific and technological sense.


Supporter is a kind of social internet product in football vertical field, which can supply a series of functions, such as, establish football team, make offline reservation, look for matches and provide concerning information. Football and social are the core contents delivered by logo. The design of logo extracted the typical form of football, because both pentagon and hexagon is the element to constitute football. On other hand, social should be mixed with element of human or communication to transmit the direct feeling of such football and social platform to people.


Vip Stock is an online platform for users to conduct security trading by following specialist. The design concept emphasizes on two keywords, i.e. following and security trading. The capital letter G with double lines (one is thick and the other is thin) is designed as logo, which indicates that the follower make a move (thin line) by following the step (thick line) of specialist.


SOULMATE is a marriage dating platform created by Alumni Association of Tsinghua University . The design concept is very simple and it embodies culture by two commas, which indicates mutual communication if they are facing each other, while it is a heart if put them together. The core value of such platform is to help high quality single persons to recognize each other and produce the spark of love through offline activities.


Sona FM is a platform for broadcast, and users are allowed to subscribe their favorite radio. The form of loudspeaker that related to the broadcast was extracted to design the logo, and the thickness of lines is adopted to express the sound level.


B Union is a logo designed for the community app of basketball. The personification of basketball is used to show the feeling of vitality, confrontation and fierceness. Actually, the overall style is as same as that of some basketball teams, so it is easy for people to associate the information about basketball team contained in it.


R&L is an application icon designed for gambling bet, which was characterized by stimulus, confrontation and timeliness. Lightning presents the uncertainty of speed, while the red & blue means confrontation. The whole form is very sharp, but straightforward and stimulating.


This is a tool application for users to record the daily mood by color. On one hand, the icon is simple, which delivers a sunny and happy feeling directly. On another hand, the cartoon image makes the distance between hearts more closely, so the overall design is close to people’s heart and will be easily accepted by people as well.


It is a diversified platform for activity and communication similar to the speech of TED. The theme is aim to transmit the hope of mutual fusion and communication of diversify field. The two different arcs with variable source indicates people in different field and they mix together to form a basic shape of eye, which implies the outlook will be broader after communicating with each other.


Dian Reader is a reading tool with label, book review and other functions. The icon delivers the meaning related to reading by utilizing the feeling of paper, simultaneously, the enclosed form is a graph of contradictory space, which represents that there is no limit to knowledge.


It is an electric business platform for users to select those things with high cost performance. As Party A preferred “Deer” that has similar pronunciation with LUKOU, so the deer horn was chosen as the main creative breakthrough of such design, besides, the bending on the top of deer horn looks like a shape of heart, which fully combined the behavior that recommend the commodity by preference.


Squirrel Gallery is an intelligent hardware designed for elders to synchronize their children’s photo. Squirrel was simply and directly transmitted to users as a subject.


BRIDGES is an application project for translation. In fact, translation is not only likes an international bridge, but also the rainbow, different color indicates different country. The simple pattern and colorful concept has big imaginary space on the visual expansion of brand.


“Sagacious study” is a teaching institution created for examinations to study abroad, which combines online and computer room teaching method together. Online teaching is mainly to explain the scope and content of examination, while computer room teaching is to simulate the real examination, moreover, ratings and explanations will be given by teachers on site.

The first sign creates a feeling of relaxed and happy study, just like travel. On the other hand, it also means that, go through the window of plane, which indicates the success of studying abroad.
The second sign is an abstract graph with traditional meaning designed on the basis of double S, which indicates a rigorous, academic feeling as well as study institution in abroad.The third sign is specially designed for young people. Repetition strengthens the sense of form, and the strong contrast conveys self-confidence and personality of young people.Compared with above three signs, the fourth o is relatively steady and orthodox with strong cohesion.


This is an application mainly used for e-commerce group purchase. Side single line and negative blank are designed to reflect animals and the profile of form respectively, which not only make the icon and background mixed and penetrated mutually, but also highlight the sense of wholeness and interestingness.


Huangbaoche is a Chinese platform to charter vehicles for global traveling. In August, 2016, 120 million Yuan of Group B financing was achieved. H is the first letter of Pinyin, “Hi” indicates the friendly service concept promoted by our driver guide, that is “It is always a pleasure to greet a friend from afar”, at the same time, the shape looks like a driver guide who pull the door of car; Yellow, means the yellow skin, which echo the slogan “Charter vehicle to travel the world in Chinese” as well.


Panda new energy is the service provider who supplies long term electric automobile renting. The design of logo can be divided into three directions: zoosemy, character and abstract image. Tai Chi matches with the concept of regeneration and consumption of energy. Scheme 1 is panda-centered and combined with basic graphic of Tai Chi, character is designed around P. Scheme 2 shows letter P in the center through mutual coincidence of earth and coastline. In scheme 3, the green pavement combines with letter, indicating green light all the way.


It is the icon of a live broadcast application. Taking monster as the main body of design, it is aim to promote the memorable attribute through a certain scene and exaggerated image.


Do it is a platform for public to share resource online, each person is not only the Party A, but also Party B. People can upload his own skill to the platform, then others who have same demand will find and contact with him.

The design of logo was innovated on the aspect of layout and font, the left side is content area, and the lower right corner can be placed with logo naturally, which not only echo with the layout of logo itself, but also strengthen the recognition of brand.

do it 这个产品方向是一个大众在线资源共享的平台,每个人都是甲方同时也是乙方,把个人的技能上传到平台上一共有需求的人去发现与联系。


MIUI Brain is the logo of artificial intelligent team for MIUI product, such team is constituted by senior engineer and scientist, which can not only achieve the communication between machine and user through voice and image, but also recommend related information product based on the analysis of data used by user in previous, such as content in the field of entertainment, health and study. The overall design form of this logo shows that, when a brain send brain wave, all the thinking up and down will be opened at the moment when the brain wave in the middle is formed, breaking through the restriction of tradition. At the same time, the logo looks like a brain from the direction of 180 degree.


Hemei Design is a media company. The design concept of its logo is to deliver the characteristic of culture in the form of seed, which indicates the power of media. In fact, information transmission is an increasing process, which is similar to the growth of seed, predicating strong spread potential and vitality.


MIUI television magazine puzzle wall is a new thought of TV interactive design, which can analyze the content that users are interested in through MIUI intelligent brain, and present it to user in the form of puzzle wall. The more content users used, the more accurate the recommendation will be. Moreover, the overall design looks dazzling when the content is presented to user by puzzle wall during the process of consumption. Logo can be also changed by the form of puzzle wall. After the integration of initial letter P, the logo will be much more beautiful with complementary colors.


MIUI WiFiI sound icon design.Abstract LOGO increases the identification and expression indirectly.
The characteristics such as strong color comparison, form regularity and aggregation with dynamic sense, simple and abstract, can intensify the penetration of LOGO on the screen of mobile phone.


The logo visual scheme and design direction of MIUI video are consistent with MIUI audio,which uses simple shapes and repeated figures to express the sense of form. Moreover, dynamic fuzzy feeling is selected for the background to increase the particularity of style.


Alpha Lion is a financial efficiency product, which provides customization for financial team from data collection in early stage to data analysis team cooperation in the middle stage and decision-making collaboration in later stage. The new technology has greatly improved the working efficiency, business flow, risk control level, supervision capability and new business development ability of traditional financial institution.

Full-length portrait scheme reflects the confidence, deliberation and rigidity. It is important for this scheme to select the performance angle of lion. Male lion is the leader of lion group, looking straight ahead means looking far ahead and aiming high, looking up appears to be too proud, while looking down seems to be tired and not confident.

Alpha Lion是一个金融效率产品,他为金融团队量身制定了从前期的数据采集和调研到中期的数据分析团队合作再到后期的决策协作。新技术极大的改善(提高)了传统金融机构的工作效率、业务流程、风控水平、监管能力、新业务开展能力。


The lion head scheme is to express the concept of correct efficiency by cutting with sharp straight line, which looks entire and unique after the combination with following words.


The third scheme is the one I prefer. Happy and sunny working status is shown by simple and soft lines. It is optimistic with strong affinity and the uniform and unique design language.


The alphabet scheme combining with AL is the design finally approved. AL are two initials. The feel of business blue sea is shown by sky blue, and the whole logo combines the shape of arrow with direction.


88 Conference is a kind of application to provide financial report of listing company for investors. The number 8 is simply used as the main element of logo. The first scheme simulates the shape of calendar, and mainly reflects two attributes, i.e., efficiency and tool. While the second scheme is a design I prefer, some micro transistors are drawn in the background to embody the sense of science and technology, and the color combination for the whole logo is blue and black with high saturability, forming sharp contrast. The entire logo looks very avant-garde, gorgeous with strong spirit and prominent peculiarity.


The logo of MI Video Explorer is designed with rainbow as the color system of the whole interface. Besides, color mixing is also applied to echo the interface. The expression technique from the artistic work of Artist Ana Motiel is consulted by the element in this design. For articles about the related products, please visit:

小米视频探索版的图标设计,整体界面以彩虹作为色彩系统,图标的设计也使用了混色的表现手法来和界面呼应。设计中的元素参考了艺术大师ana motiel的艺术作品的表现形式。

Sanease Logistics is a logistics company inside the cities. I have tried many different designs for the Logo by using 3e, while identification is the core reflection of this logo. As the logo of logistic company is sprayed on the vehicle, so how to make people read the logo correctly after seeing it is the focus that affecting the efficiency of transmission, which shall be represented by means of visual communication.

Logo design just like a process to introduce yourself to strangers, the definition of introduction will directly reduce the possibility of viewers to forget. The design is purely a beautiful 3e, but no more than that. It is meaningless, and there is no story. It is simple, friendly, beautiful and direct, so do you want to remember me?


Jiaming Real Estate is my uncle’s company, which mainly focuses on high grade villas, commercial streets and residential houses. My uncle is not only a successful businessman, but also an industrious and intelligent boss. In China, geomancy is very important to upper class people, such as senior officials or great merchant. Besides, things like what shall be placed in the office, what shall be done and what kind of clothes to wear in the festival and the name of company and project shall be all consulted from the people who familiars with the Book of Changes.

Under such premise, the logo of company shall also reflect the geomancy elements of my uncle, i.e. dragon and water. Thus, the logo is designed based on these two points. As the profile of dragon is sophisticated, the circle achieves a strong associative perception of logo. While for water, the wave lines are used on the bottom, which will not affect the total shape of dragon. Moreover, it displays the dark lines of currency, making the whole logo generous full with details.



Jubo is a content aggregation platform of live product in MIUI ecological chain, which collects the content of multiple live Apps. The copyright owner of individual content provides the content interface to Jubo app. There are different preferential conditions of each platform on Jubo, so uers can view variable contents from this App.


Returning to the original design, the sound in the play is converted into three notes that keep moving, and the logo changes as the sound rings. In the extended design of the logo, the shape of the pause button is incorporated, and the two forms are changed by the texture of the liquid form of the logo itself. This kind of expansion makes the whole logo have two forms, one movement and one static. When applying to the product, the unique aesthetic impression of the brand in the user’s mind is deepened by the constant change of the two forms.


APP is committed to providing intimate and exclusive companionship for gamers. The platform is equipped with 24 hours a day, and you can take your game at any time, as well as personalized custom services such as voice dating, wake-up and sleep.
Anyone who loves to play games knows that it is a very interesting experience to find a player with the opposite sex. This will allow the boy to have a scene of chasing girls in their favorite field. Inside the app, you can also view the rankings of each player and the position that is good at the game, so that you can find a teammate of the same sex.

The overall application design uses two strong contrast colors of green powder to represent different genders. The overall style is young and active, which is in line with the characteristics of young people, and makes the avatar extraordinarily energetic.



The logo is based on a basic model of visual illusion, because the infinite loop of meaning represented by the optical illusion coincides with the continuous and exciting video.
The three shapes surround each other to form an outer contour that is a play triangle design that represents a fusion of each other. This is echoing the product form of the aggregation platform.



The icon design of the Department of Excellence in the MMI4 department of the Xiaomi Internet Division. It is the core department of Xiaomi’s Internet business. Its business spans the three major terminals of mobile phones, TVs and smart devices, serving 220 million users worldwide.The core team concept of the four departments is the wolf culture, a spirit of struggle with wildness. The wolf is also sexual: wild, cruel, greedy, and violent. All should be reproduced in the team culture, that is, to have a “great” for work and career, and never stop fighting and exploring.



Jager Capital Early Consumer Goods Fund, focusing on the growth trend of consumer goods, is a friend of entrepreneurial time. The main body of the logo wants to use falcon as the main element to create.falcon This kind of bird has a very strong flying ability. The best-eyed animals are famous for their habits when hunting. They are more suitable for the precise and fast concept of investing in headhunting and other fields.

The first version of the design uses a radial line to abstractly express and depict the cymbal, and the combination of the squat and radial lines in the suspended state gives the person a precise, accurate, and rapid sense. The second one is more straightforward, and the unique aesthetics of the graphic are more recognizable by intercepting the shape of the head and the local oblique line.

Jager Capital早期消费品基金标志设计。隼这种鸟类飞行能力极强,视力最好的动物以猎食时有翱翔习性而著名,更适合于投资猎头等领域的精准,快速的概念。首版设计方案用放射状的线把隼进行抽象的表达与描绘,通过悬浮状态正面的隼和放射状的线互相结合给人一种精密,准确,迅速之感。次版方案表达更直白一些,通过截取隼的头部外形和局部的斜切线表现出独特的属于图形的独特美学感,识别性更强。

Narration is a unique artistic expression technique in Chinese opera. It dramatizes and memorizes the language with a tone between reading and singing. In the opera, it often connects with the vocal parts, foils and contrasts, forming the inner monologue that best expresses the characters in the opera, and embodies one of the characters’ thoughts. Kind of technique. A literary audiobook for the application of logo design.


The non-stop is the media promotion brand of Xiaomi TV Tourism Channel, focusing on the promotion of media organizations through tourism products and brands. This design uses a fluid wave line to show a mountainous landscape through subtle changes in thickness. This logo is very complicated but the effect is magical, and the visual experience presented is unique.