Squirrel smart frame is a project combined with smart hardware and online software. The function of such application is to display the releasing terminal of content in frame. Users send the photos through the application, and then the real-time synchronization can be occurred on hardware. Users are able to check all the photos from each terminal without any other operations in frame as long as these terminals are bound to the hardware with approval of administrator.

This project is properly designed for elders, they can see the pictures and voice released by their children through smart frame at home, push-to-view is also available. Each frame represents one family, family members can bound several frames at the same time and keep touch with their parents and relatives from afar.

The features of such design are mainly to be peaceful, structured and precise, which focus on the concept that frame is the center. Besides, very careful schedule and design are made on the interaction design stage, which is aim to confirm the function and flow of product and the key access of page clearly. As a tool application, the difference between wireframes should be very small, so the experience point of planned interaction will not be reduced because of too much decoration.

The embodiment of visual is mainly reflected on the change of color, which is really a control of degree. There are some different points of change between visual and interactive prototype, such as, logic, interaction, layout, pattern, type and color. Variations on these areas represent the level of deviation between visual and interaction. The visual of an emotional product can be innovated on logic and interaction, while it is suitable to make changes for rational product on the hierarchy after type.


这是一个为老年人设计的产品。老年人可以在家里用智能相册看到子女通过应用发布的图片。可以听到声音,一键视频等等。每一个相框就相当于一个家庭,家庭成员可以同时绑定很多相框和远方的父母亲戚保持联系。 设计以平和,规整,严谨为主,强调以相册为中心的组的概念。在交互设计阶段做到非常细致的规划和设计,这样的效果是可以很清晰的确定产品功能,流程和页面的重点入口。在交互设计之后,作为一个工具性质的应用而言,应该和原型图差别很小,这样可以避免已经规划好的交互因为加入过多装饰的原因而产生体验上的减分。


Squirrel Smart Frame