FOOTAGE is a social product of VUE, which is created by my good friend. He invites me to try some designs. This product is composed by content and function. In principle, content type social product is to find friends who have same interest and play in this circle together through the appreciation and creation of content. While creative experience is carried out by VUE. FOOTAGE focuses on the experience of appreciating the content.Content appreciation experience can be understood from several dimensions:

1. Content representation; 2. Content classification and association; 3. Creator circle divided by the content.Video details page-Edge design of word information format. It aims to make users not interfering by other types of information when appreciating the content, and display the video content in the first half maximally.

Classification page-Display the combination of title and typical content and increase the ease of understanding of classification. It equals to set example for each classification, users can make intuitive understanding to classification label by means of two dimensions. Recommendation of same type users in personal page. Link to users who have same interest through content, promoting the formation of circle. Users are always greedy, they hope to encounter another one after encountered a good user. Thus, the communication will become more and more after comparison, so the level to produce content will be improved as well.


2 分类页面-标题与典型内容结合展示,提高分类易理解度。就相当于给每个分类做了例子,用户可以通过两种维度来对分类标签进行直观的理解。
3 个人页面相同类型的用户推荐。通过内容关联兴趣相同的用户,促使圈子的形成。用户总是贪心的,遇到一个好的总想遇到另外一个,相互比较交流就会多,产生内容的水平也会提高。

Footage · One Social APP of VUE