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CES refers to International Consumer Electronics Show. This is the first time for Xiaomi TV to display on CES. The design core concept of preheating diagram is “Explore”. Just like a universe, CES is full with unknown creation and discovery. The preheating diagram is divided into four days, and the image in the middle of form each day is the background of next one. In fact, the image is designed by coordinating with copies. For the first day, the circle means earth, triangle is the arrow to start broadcasting, while the block is the TV we will release soon. The background is just selected from earth to pole, and then encounter stars and universe outside, presenting the process of exploring universe.

CES是国际消费类电子产品展览会(International Consumer Electronics Show)小米电视第一次去CES上面做展示,对于预热图的设计核心概念是“探索”。CES就像是一个宇宙,充满未知的创新与发现,与热土分为四天,每一天的形态中间的图像是下一张的背景。图形是配合文案来设计的,第一天圆形是地球,三角形是播放开始的箭头,方块是我们即将发布的电视。背景的选择是从地球到地球的极端,遇到了极光在到外面的星空和宇宙,展现了探索的过程。



MITV strategic release conference visual design · 小米电视战略发布会视觉设计


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MITV Chinese year screensaver design · 小米电视中国年屏保的设计