Ripple – Wandoujia overview design


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Ripple is a code of mobile content search item that cooperated with Pea Pod Company, and the application name just came from the meaning that read articles beside the rippling water. At present, this application is named as “Wandoujia Overview” online.

A platform to view latest articles by aggregation of application content. Here you can view all the latest downloaded or not downloaded articles through subscription uniformly. The function is similar to RSS reader of other websites in previous, or you can find the application you are interested in by browsing the latest content in application. Currently, more than 200 different applications have been collected, such as, MONO, Qdaily, even Wikipedia and Flickr are involved.

Ripple 是和豌豆荚公司合作的一个移动内容搜索项目的代号,应用名称的来源是在一个波光粼粼的水面旁边阅读文章的意思。目前这个上线的应用名字为“豌豆荚一览”。

以应用内容而聚合的查看最新文章的平台。在这里你可以通过订阅来统一查看已下载或未下载的应用的最新文章。在功能上类似于以往网站的RSS阅读器。也可以通过浏览应用内最新内容,发现你感兴趣的应用。目前收集了超过 200 个不同的应用,比如 MONO,比如好奇心日报,甚至 Wikipedia 和 Flickr 也在其中。