– Application design



This is an optimal version for an online project. The design concept is decided by product form. It is a community used for collecting beautiful pictures, from which different albums, people and groups can be aggregated through tags. In this project, picture has the highest grade of visual and any other elements can not achieve stronger intuitive feelings than picture. Therefore, a special locating for visual system is highly demanded for interface, which has an opposite feeling on visual and should undertake the responsibility of displaying the pictures. Analyzed from the view of picture, it must be colorful and realistic, what’s more, diversified pattern and depth of field should also be included. The design of interface must be simple, monochrome, tidy and dynamic. What’s special, the characteristic of this brand is highlight by red with high lightness.

The mature design for handling the relationship between interface and content is iOS7. The core concept of flattening design is to reflect colorful and abundant content by the rule and uniformity of pattern of element in interface. In fact, the feeling given by the design of interface should be peaceful, static, egoless and neutral.